“Your Successful YOU”

3 week Teleclass


  1. Discover AND determine your own success.
  2. Let go of fulfilling others perceptions of your success.
  3. Keep yourself centered and balanced on your pathway of success
  4. Centre, ground and connect, a daily mantra of Love filled success.
  5. Activate the codes of success that are alive and waiting within you.


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Right now, what part of you is ready for Success?

What part of you really wants to make it happen?

  • Your career you?
  • Your relationship you?
  • Your complete you?

Millions of dollars are spent each year on personal development programs. An overlooked key is ensuring you are centered in Your Successful You, first.

Your Successful You, is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself. It gives you the platform to really fly from.  It’s the home of your courage and confidence, because it’s your True You. Spending time nurturing this knowledge sets you on the path of true success.

It’s an investment that will bring you success after success.

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“Your Successful You” Teleclass includes:

3 x 75 minute live calls.

In these calls you learn how to apply the 7 Must Be’s for Success. It’s a mixture of learning principles, and energetic alignments. This is what makes the program so effective.

The part that seems to really kick things off, is when we activate the permission codes in call two. Reclaiming permission for success is life changing.

The calls are recorded so you will have access to them at any time.

The Sacred Sequence for Success Program

(Downloadable program available immediately. You start the moment you register!)

Seven Days of Sacred Verse and Activator Templates that immediately begin alignment of  your energetics to Your Successful You.

Starting your day with these process, sets you up for instant progress. There’s more information here.

It’s very effective, fun to use and yours forever. You use this program any time you’re ready for more success.

The Sacred Sequence for Success can be used for future specific success areas, such as work, career, relationships, financial prosperity etc. I’ll explain all that on the calls.

Extra Value $111.00

Bonus Gift.

65 seconds to Calm.


An awesome set of cards. There are 13 images. Viewed for five seconds each, in sequence, returns you to centre and balance. In 65 seconds! Such a handy tool.

They are business card size, so you can carry them with you for use when you need them the most.

The Bonus Gift is the set of cards with instructions, which will be mailed to you.

Extra Value $19.00 with the extra tips for use through the Telecalls!

That’s a total of $130.00 extras!

Celebrate Success!


It will make such a difference







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This Teleclass will . . .

  1. Allow yourself to BE Your Successful You
  2. Find you as the generator of your Success.
  3. Center yourself in Your Success Codes.
  4. Open up synchronicity.
  5. Find you congruent with best pathways.
  6. Find you in Gratitude and Ease.
  7. Set you up to Celebrate Life.


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