“At the time I tried the Sacred Sequence of Success I was at a point in my life where my business was ready to expand into new possibilities and new directions.

I wanted to embrace the potential in these opportunities without blocks and seize the moment. I had no expectations – which I think made the outcomes so much more surprising.

For a start I really enjoyed listening to the short daily audio’s and I began to look forward to my special time to relax, receive and absorb. I found the process effortless and enjoyable. I could really feel the energetics working throughout my body – each time I finished the audio I felt completely calm as I was able to trust in the knowing that things were in place.

The outcomes were rapid and took me by surprise – doors opened immediately and opportunities flooded in. So much so that I then decided to repeat the sequence a week later to help me cope with building success without worry I felt about how much work there was to be done! I am now up to my 3rd time of repeating the sequence.

I feel so lucky to have this tool, a little bit of Grace there to help me on my path whenever I need it – all in the comfort of my own home. Brilliant! Thank you so much.”

Jane Robatham

Wellness Facilitator, Registered Nurse, Soul Clarity

‘The Elemental Resonance Workshop was all I hoped for and more.

To learn how to address all manner of issues stemming from your home/land is so empowering and transformative.

I am so thankful for the information that I now have. It has given me an even higher level of respect for the notion of things like ‘Secret Women’s Business’. When someone experienced shares this kind of sacred information with you, you really want to honour it as it is such a privilege to know.

If you feel even a small ‘pull’ to do this course, I would take that as a sign and just do it.’

Claire McFee

Director, Organise Your Life

Universal Love Connection – Sacred Sequence for Success I’ve gained a lot of clarity again in the last 7 days. I’ve started to understand that I needed to become clear in my intentions about my future and over the past few days I have had many ‘aha’ moments, created an event plan for the year ahead I could finally feel excited about again (yes, I’m German, I love a good excel spreadsheet;-) and started taking some action. Things seem to start flowing again, opportunities have opened and I feel stronger and courageous to take the next steps. Petra Reich

Founder, Tree Green Qi Muscle Therappy

I found it quite amazing.  This is not only unique, but just wonderful. Despite all the other work I have done, what I find using the Sacred Sequence of Success is its ability to move me out of my own way. I love using the templates. You actually feel the shift as you touch them. But then, the changes that happen! I have never experienced the phone ringing with new clients like that before. I use it every day now. It sets my day up perfectly, I’m addicted . . . to Divine Love. Thank you so much for bringing this work forward. You’re a Star. xxx Julia

Healer, Artist, Mother, Queensland

Reflecting on my first month of using Terralight, there has been a profound shift in my life both personally and professionally. I feel even more grounded and appreciative of all I have even though nothing has changed in a physical sense. New ideas have come forth, which I am integrating seamlessly into my life with much excitement, as well as calm inner knowingness. Thank you for this ‘gift’ from above. I have ready ordered my second bottle! J Claire McFee

Director, Organise Your Life

“A wondrous weekend that filled me with courage to go forward and live my life the way I feel it should be lived. The knowledge that all things are possible if I allowed my heart to lead the way and not my chattering mind. I recommend this weekend to anyone that wishes to enhance their journey, meet with fabulous likeminded people and eat lots of yummy cake! Thank you Grace for sharing.” Lots of love Pauline x Pauline

Since my weekend of essence of possibilities I have felt that nothing stands in my way. The following weekend I had a mini break in the city (Melbourne) for a couple of days. Even my friend with me noticed that red lights turned green every time I walked up to them. At the Tim Burton Exhibition there was to be a 40 minute wait to get in, as an usher came up to me and asked if I wished to pay by credit card to follow here…3 minutes later I was in. This may in the larger scheme of things just be a series of coincidences, however I have never been that sort of lucky person. This is not to sound negative but it has just never been my experience so far so I really notice. My intuition is that whatever blocks were in front of me have been removed and I can move forward either at a walking pace or by sprinting if I choose. On the Sunday of the following weekend I went to the State Library and over three hours wrote a whole new scene for the playI have been working on the last couple of years. It was so liberating and exciting to be in a creative stream again. Love, Light and Laughter is the only way Tracy Tracy

Playwrite, Mother, Carer, Victoria

Wow Wow Wow, Essence of Possibilities, what an experience I had at the workshop in June 2010. This workshop has made an amazing shift for me in my life. Possibilities endless, safe, enjoyable and fun all the essences used on the week-end had some impact on my thoughts, feeling, sensations etc., that has really help me work on outmoded patterns in my life that have hindered my personal growth. These essence have already and will continue to improve my life style, as a massage therapist I am already using them on clients who are also amazed with the insightful healing treatment they have just received. Grace I thank you not just for the Essence of Possibilities weekend, I thank you for sharing all your amazing teachings in reaching ones journey on a path filled with possibilities. I look forward to attending many more workshops run by you. Love, Light and Laughter Always Tanya xxx Tanya

Massage Therapist, Victoria

“I was overjoyed, amazed and energetically blown away by the power of the Lift the Pattern Resonator. The issue behind the resistance was not something I would have ever considered. During the guided meditation I was shown so clearly the truth behind the block and felt the pattern release with ease. The experience brought tears or relief followed by peace. What a gift!! With heart felt gratitude.” Jane Robotham

Wellness Facilitator, Registered Nurse, Soul Clarity