Sacred Sequence for Success

Aligns you to your greatest potential

I’ll have more of that thanks:) The audio with head phones on  – its a whole other class of experience.

Its great having the script and even better to have the audio when doing the activation. very powerful.

love it. thank you xxPia


“At the time I tried the Sacred Sequence of Success I was at a point in my life where my business was ready to expand into new possibilities and new directions. I wanted to embrace the potential in these opportunities without blocks and seize the moment.

I had no expectations – which I think made the outcomes so much more surprising. For a start I really enjoyed listening to the short daily audio’s and I began to look forward to my special time to relax, receive and absorb. I found the process effortless and enjoyable. I could really feel the energetics working throughout my body – each time I finished the audio I felt completely calm as I was able to trust in the knowing that things were in place.

The outcomes were rapid and took me by surprise – doors opened immediately and opportunities flooded in. So much so that I then decided to repeat the sequence a week later to help me cope with building success without worry I felt about how much work there was to be done!

I am now up to my 3rd time of repeating the sequence. I feel so lucky to have this tool, a little bit of Grace there to help me on my path whenever I need it – all in the comfort of my own home. Brilliant! Thank you so much.”

Jane Robatham

Wellness Facilitator, Registered Nurse, Soul Clarity

You can have this too!

Successful Connection happens through
Universal Love

Connection to Universal Love is the stability, the re-assurance and the resilience

that empowers you to be the most successful YOU.

To walk  life with a sense of peace, and an energy of vitality, requires connection. At the core of that connection is Source, or Universal Love Force.

The Sacred Sequence of Success deepens and strengthens this connection. It raises your consciousness and your frequency. It works with Quantum Physics and ancient symbols.

It finds you

  • more aligned,
  • more alert and
  • more alive.


Signs this is for you

  • Is it time to have a clearer enchanting vision of your future?
  • Do you feel inspired to express your gifts and talents in ways that  make a difference, but feel lost as to how to realize this passion?
  • Despite doing work on yourself and living a conscious life, are you finding the ‘how to’s’ not happening?
  • Do you feel the excitement of breaking through old patterns, yet disheartened and confused when you get knocked back into old patterns?
  • Are you yearning to have more passion and drive?

All these are clues directing you

to the Sacred Sequence for Success

  • Have more energy
  • Accept Universal support and direction.
  • Feel more peace
  • Trust Universal support and direction
  • Be the best You, you can be.
  • Laugh more
  • Know you are on track


Ready to go?

Simply purchase the Sacred Sequence for Success – Your Successful YOU, by clicking here now.


Then you will

Receive an email, brimming with ideas on how to receive the most from your on-line program.

This includes over 20 suggestions for “Success Statements” aligned to bringing out Your Successful YOU by deepening your Connection to Source.

Each statement is linked to feelings and the related chakra. This really helps to pinpoint the area being healed.  This “Success Statement” is what you use each morning as you align to the Sacred Sequence of Success.

Some examples:

If feeling a lack of passion a suggested statement  is ”  I am in successful relationship with the Love of Life.”

If feeling overly influenced by others a suggested statement is ” I am in successful relationship with being my empowered me.”

Then you let the process work its healing.

The Sacred Sequence for Success – Your Successful YOU program is simple and enjoyable.

All you need is between seven and 12 minutes a day,  for seven consecutive days. In this time you receive the alignment.

The Sacred Sequence for Success Program is delivered to your email in-box each day.

In this email is

  1. a link to the MP3 file to listen to AND
  2. a pdf file with the ancient symbol that activates the quantum mechanics of  connection to Source AND a transcript of the day’s Sacred Verse.

You simply listen to Divinely channeled Sacred Verse, and magical music. When guided, you engage with Activator Template symbols, which spark a sequence of healing. This unique combination creates energetic healing that accelerates your awareness through activation of your DNA  codes to success.

The Bonus Is –

It’s yours forever.

Click here to order now.


Any time you feel even more successful connection is possible, you have the tool right there!

Magic at your finger tips.


Now is the perfect time

Lightworker empowerment through Sacred Soul Signature

Personalised SoulPathway Statement.

The Sacred Sequence for Success is an empowering, effective process in itself.

You have the option of a personal session prior to you starting the Sacred Sequence for Success. This session gives your a SoulPathway Statement of intention to work with.

It sees through distortions and straight into Soul Signature Wisdom. Saying “yes” at this level, opens the channels to precise light filled focus and clarity of intention, that empowers your experience of success at a whole new level.

You work with the resulting SoulPathway Statement through the Sacred Sequence for Success activation.

More details here and in the introduction you receive upon purchase of the Sacred Sequence for Success Program.