Sacred Sequence for Success

Activated SoulPathway Statement

SoulPathway of Intention Statement

In this SoulPathway Intention session, the magic of your perfect statement reveals itself.

This is what you work with during the Sacred Sequence of Success program.

We talk within a Dome of Love.

We talk of your Soul Intentions, beyond your mind, your wounds and you fears. It’s this exploration that reveals to you, your perfect SoulPathway of Intention Statement for this time.

One to one, in Sacred Space, we get to the real core of you success attitudes and outlooks. We spend between 60 and 75 minutes uncovering the perfect wording for you Statement of Intention needed in the Sacred Sequence of Success program. Sessions are one to one,  either in person, or via Skype.

The Sacred Sequence of Success is created to align, calibrate and activate the seeds of success within you. These seeds of success are your soul signature seeds of success, for this is where the true success lies.

Once this coding is aligned and activated your energy levels, your clarity, and the synchronicity of life, “happens”. Not only are you aligned to Universal success, you’re able to resonate with it. This is why the shifts happen. Your life flows out into success and you feel fantastic.

Why choose to do this session?

People who include this session as part of their devotion to success, are amazed by what transpires.

Veils are lifted and clarity seen.  They feel really excited and love the shift from doing just this session.

Your  life turns around right from that moment.

You leave the session, with a perfectly crafted Statement of Intention to work with. Very empowering!

SoulPathway Statements of Intention

The statements of intention are important as they are the focus for the activation within your being.

If you success intention is around relationships, these are the codes that will be activated. If your statement is about being in successful relationship with money, then these are the codes that will be activated. Finding the perfect activation phrase for you, well . . . it’s very transformative!

The divinely guided SoulPathway statement uncovered in this session lines all this up beautifully.

It’s a magical experience and it would be an honor to work with you in this way.

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Session times are between 60 and 75 minutes.

They are one to one

Available in person or via Skype

You leave with a statement that perfectly sets up your pathway to Success.

The  Sacred Sequence for Success then activates this with integrity, love and light.

Lightworker Empowerment

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Lightworker empowerment

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