Aaarggh! I’ve got to pull myself together!


When we’re feeling ‘less than’ in any way, we can be absolutely sure of one thing, we are in disconnect. Disconnect from Soul.

Finding your way back to connection, connection with your inner self and Soul, is a reliable stable solution.

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Classic signs of disconnect

  • You’ve  become lost in the needs and requests of others.
  • Your life is busy and empty at the same time.
  • Feeling anxious and uncertain.
  • Constant questioning.
  • Needing to know outcomes.
  • The “I should be happy” dialogue is present.
  • An odd sense of loneliness, even though you have people all around you.
  • Feeling out of touch.

Gateway to Reconnect

Creating a space within for awareness and connection is an empowering choice and my Re-Emerge practice below is a great, “on the go” technique.

Remember, an attitude of self-curiosity, opens the doors to freedom.  (or taking our selves lightly really helps!)


The  RE-Emerge practice


Re-Centre    Re-Claim      Re-Emerge




Take a big breath in and out. Place your attention on your heart centre. Big breathe in through the top of your head, gathering at your heart centre. Bring breathe in through your feet, gathering at your heart centre. Make the sound Aaaahhh. Silently or outwardly, whichever is most applicable at the time.

Another breath in imaging in from the top of head and bottom of feet together, meeting at heart centre. Another Biiggg aaaahhhh breath,


Rec-Claim the lost parts of self.

Keep breathing (something I generally recommend :-) )

Call to all the lost parts of self and reclaim them as your own, as part of you. Say to yourself.

“I call to my courage. Come back to me.

I call to my clarity. I claim you back.

I call to my inner direction. I claim you back, right now.

I claim my patience back. That is the real me.”

Then . . . . Imagine all these wonderful parts of you, dancing their way back home, and finding their spot within you.

Big sigh of gratitude. Aaahhh.

The qualities I mention here are just examples. Let your intuitive voice find the parts that are required on the day. Could be empowerment, self love, strength, inner wisdom, truth.

The re-centred breath supports the intuitive voice.


Pay attention to the parts of you, you have reclaimed.

Use these qualities to Re-emerge. To take the action that is required, the next step, your next move, or the conversation that needs to happen.

What does the clear me do right now?

What does the courageous me do now?

What does the patient me do now?

Then take action from this wise centred dialogue within. It is the voice of your Soul assisting you.


For example, the ‘clear you’ now makes the phone call.  “You know Jess, right now my plate is already full.  If you would still like a hand in a couple of days, I will make some time on Wednesday.”

Or the ‘courageous you’, pops your head around your boss’s door and says,  “Could we schedule a meeting later today please. I would like to discuss distribution of the workload amongst the team.”

The Energy Matters

To be able to re-vision and take action, in this way requires a connection to Soul knowingness.  This is the source of certainty that inspires courage, clarity and action that revitalises passion in life and the use of your gifts and talents.

The energy with which you hold these solutions, makes a difference to the outcomes.

When you energise resolutions with only your mental being, they (and you) are fragile. When the solutions come from a deeper source, they hold more authenticity and attract greater respect.

This does not mean you always get your way. What it does mean is you have contributed in a way that is true for you. This is where your inner world feels contented with your contribution. You can truly say to yourself, you have done your best. The rest is the mystery of life, karma and soul group learning.

Ongoing solutions

What has also been proven time and time again by my clients is, the more you consciously nurture and strengthen your connection to Self, the less often you find yourself in melt down or near melt down experiences.

The inner direction and clearer confidence you gain from being in connection, becomes the driving energy in your everyday.

The programs and products you find at are tools of connection.

The free meditations deepen your connection, the crystal combinations  work some real magic and the Sacred Sequence for Success takes you to a whole new level of connection.

Let me know of your success with the Re-Emerge technique.


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