Guided healing processes bringing you into resonance with your Highest Potential.

In Light.

Lifting a Pattern

What does this guided process help with?

Moving beyond a pattern that is holding you back and into new awareness and experience.

Often we find ourselves repeating patterns that no longer suit us. Patterns can be tricky. Sometimes we find ourselves swimming in them, before we realize we are even in the water.

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Heart Resonator

What does this guided process help with?

Gift yourself this loving experience and be in sync with your intuition.

Our lives can be so full and busy. The demands feel great and connection to your intuitive guidance fragile.

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Guided healing experiences, meditations and processes for opening and easing your journey.

The Resonator Experience carries you through quantum fields of love to your truth, liberating codes of light to support your realization of dreams and answering the calling of the heart.

Choose the one that calls to you most.


What Our Customers are Saying

“I was overjoyed, amazed and energetically blown away by the power of the Lift the Pattern Resonator. The issue behind the resistance was not something I would have ever considered. During the guided meditation I was shown so clearly the truth behind the block and felt the pattern release with ease. The experience brought tears or relief followed by peace. What a gift!! With heart felt gratitude.”

Jane Robotham

Wellness Facilitator, Registered Nurse, Soul Clarity

“What I love about this is, I get to have more of Grace, after I’ve finished my session. It’s like having her whispering her wisdoms in your ear, when you need it.  Thank you so much for starting these.”


“I used the Lifting Patterns meditation. It made such a difference. Having those three words really gave me something to work with later, that helped my awareness enormously. I’ll be back for more, that’s for sure. Thank you Grace.”

Kath Roman

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