Change is Natural

Life is constant change. We are in constant change. From our cells to our experiences, no two days present the same opportunities. When our sense of security is dependent on certainty, life can feel pretty uncomfortable.

One way of becoming comfortable with change is to develop trust that we are on the right path. Not the path others feel is right or best, but the path we know to be aligned to our True Self.

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Activating the mystery

Activating the mystery

Of course knowing the right path, is part of the mystery of being human.   Connection with our heart centre is pivotal key in this mystery. The knowingness of this centre is the spark that expands our consciousness and activates  DNA light coding in our cells.

Once activated we need to align ourselves or integrate them into our attitudes and behaviors, so our full light shines. It is this connection to that light, that is the sacred force that co-creates our reality.




SoulSignature Union

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Union with this SoulSignature energy, co-creates a reality in which we feel secure. This is the energy that provides resilience and trust, even amongst times of confusion and worry.

When our consciousness matches our SoulSignature energy, we hold an attitude and outlook that gives us strength, courage and wisdom in handling what comes up in everyday life.

To have a larger view of life, a higher perspective of the incidences and their meaning for us, gifts us clearer direction and better options.


Universal Divine Love

Being guided by Universal Love is paramount. This is the energy that connects us to all, and all to us. As we truly sit in Universal Love, the world changes around us. The connections to people, places and opportunities can find us.

That’s why it’s important to activate your coding. For when this is activated, will you recognize the synchronicity you are in. It is co-creation in action.



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The Cosmic Mirror

The Cosmic mirror reveals our True Self

Looking into the Cosmic Mirror reflects Love back to us in a way that is often beyond words. The feeling and quite often the tears of joy and remembering are enough to move us forward with confidence and Trust that’s very exciting. The heart centre, the pool for connection to Soul and Source, receives and flows, bringing a breath of fresh air to our experiences.

The wounded or closed heart finds it hard to guide through whatever lock-down or protective sheaths may have placed around it.

Understanding your heart centre as an endless resource of connection to All That Is, helps you re-consider your closure policy and again seek its council.

Stagnancy of heart energy can be set free by the wisdom of Universal Water, facilitating the release and flow of locked in wounds and resentments. The crystal world supports the reshaping of the heart centre into sacred geometric resonance and purity of tone.

Activation of DNA codes.


Navigating to DNA coding only with mental energy is limiting and restricted. Through the power of Love’s frequency, alignment of wills and connection to Universal Love, the activations are immediate, timely and gentle.

The activated light then feeds other parts of consciousness and adaptive living follows. Thoughts, words and actions come into union with our desired reality.

Union requires two aspects to come together. Light codes and Living. Feeding your mental processes with the truth and wisdom of your SoulSignature, energizes your everyday experiences with a much grander perspective. As you feed yourself positively framed thoughts, and take actions that reflect and support your essence as a person, your experience of life changes for the better. It is the co-creative process that brings your dreams as your reality.

Blessed Be.




What does this mean?

Peace and Contentment

More contentment. More joy. More freedom. More Trust More success.

More love. More laughter. More peace. More resilience

AND greater contribution to LIFE.


Would you like to touch this experience?

As a gift of Love try this guided connective experience.


If you know someone who would benefit from connecting with Universal Love, then please share the link.



Other tools of connection:

Sacred Sequence for Success (more info here)

Universal Cycle Activators (more info here)

Crystals for heart vitality.


Smithsonite is excellent for clearing emotions that block the heart. It heightens the experience and connection to Universal Love. As is the magic of crystal love, it somehow allows us to feel the difference between ego based love (conditional affection) and Universal love (the energy source that is all of creation).

Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite and Malachite are just a few other powerful heart resonaters.


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