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We live in amazing times.

Times where intuitive wisdom can literally drop into your awareness. Your part is to be centered, balanced and open to your intuitive voice of wisdom.

These last few weeks may have you feeling unsettled in some way. Or, all charged up with nowhere to go. Or, a mixture of both. Whatever your experience, the greatest thing you can do for your well-being is to be centered and clear.

Heart chakra merkaba

March 2015 was another step into a higher frequency. As the planets dance across the skies and align to create a stream of energy aligned to higher consciousness, it’s time to celebrate and receive.

The March solar eclipse and April 4 lunar eclipse created powerful energy to start, and begin anew. Similar to rebooting our gadgets, we have the opportunity to hit the on/off button on ourselves and start afresh. We are receiving an upgrade from Creator, free of charge!

So whether you realize it or not, new beginnings and fresh start energy is happening all around you. It’s such a powerful time to see the potential in your own life. A time to take those potentials and set intentions, to make amends and to energise dreams and passions into action.

Whether you jump into newness feet first, or poke in one toe at a time, the experience contains excitement, mystery and probably a moment or two of fear.

The greatest thing we can do to support ourselves is to stay centered and balanced.

Historically, we looked into the problem to find the solution. But as you know, solutions are never found at the same frequency as the problem. That’s a hard road to take, a waste of energy and time and really only feeds the uncomfortable energy you are already in.

So here’s the tip

Heart Wisdom

This is a method to raise your frequency and bring you into resonance with solutions aligned to your greatest experience. To keep you centered, so you recognize aligned choices and opportunities.

Bring your focus to your heart center. Enjoy some easy deep breaths, and maybe a sigh or two, as your jaw softens and your shoulders drop.

Your focus is at your heart center.  Imagine a flame there.

Gently breath in rhythm with this vital energy for a few breaths.

Allow the energy to flow from the flame . . . down your body until it reaches the ground, and then, like a shot it runs quickly right down to the center of the earth.

There it connects in all knowingness with the crystalline energy most needed by your being today.

Connect and receive. You may hear the name of the crystal, but it matters not. Connect and receive.

Rest a moment or two.


Bring your focus back to your heart center and breath.

Allow a stream of energy from above to enter in through your crown chakra at the top of your head, and meet . . . and melt at your heart center.

Breathe and embrace this alignment and centering.

Affirm to yourself, “I am filled with light, the solution comes to me.”

Repeat the affirmation a minimum of three times to experience a change of state.

In full meditation or on the fly

You can incorporate this within you meditation practice. Having created the space, simply repeat the mantra for the duration of your meditative time. Have pen and paper handy to make notes as soon as you come out of your state.

On the Fly

If you are not able to sit in quietness for a period of time, you can still use this process. After you have repeated the affirmation three times, gently return to the activities of your day. If your mind wants to take you down the road of doom and gloom and fear and fantasy, replace those thoughts with the affirmation, “I am filled with light, the solution comes to me.” Keep repeating this statement, it becomes your mantra. Be prepared for inspiration and guidance to appear in magical ways. A comment from someone, a headline on a newspaper, words from a song, or simply an inspired moment, when it all makes sense.

The trick in both cases is to not send your energy out looking for solutions or awareness.

It is to maintain an open state to receive the wisdom and direction from your highest perspective of You.


Literally, let it drop in.

wisdom drop in







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