Activate Heart Centre

Learn to co-create through power of Universal Heart Resonance.

Build Intuitive Trust

Living with Connective Consciousness allows your material goals to reflect personal contentment, purpose and peace.

Infinite pool of wisdom

This place holds keys to wise choices, empowered by truth and lit by Universal Light.


1. At the Heart Resonance Workshop, you experience a sequence of activations. You’ll meet the energy of the hands of Divine Love and learn how to access them for your own healing.

2. You’ll learn about your inner pool of transformative energy, how to listen and absorb its wisdom. You’ll meet the energy of Hundred Thousand Angels who guide this process.
3. You’ll learn how to handle the change that comes from living from your heart centre.
4. Some pre-conceived ideas of yourself will shift.
5. Some pre-determined outcomes locked into your psyche will be released.
6. The true you steps forward.

7. We celebrate the freedom

Feels Right for Me

looking through the Eyes of Love

I’m tired of letting my mental chit chat frustrate me. :-(

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Quieten the mind.

So many people feel harassed by the constant chattering of the mind. It’s exhausting.

It so often talks over the top of the heart. We all know solutions and peace lay at an energy higher than the problem. This weekend gives you tools and confidence to be able to quieten the mind and seek the wisdom of your Higher Self.

Doing this requires a sound connection to your heart centre. The Heart Resonance Activation across the weekend provides exactly this.

You literally open your Receptor Sites for heart wisdom and intuitive resonance.


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You’ll just love it.


Hear your Intuitive Heart

Living this Connective Consciousness allows your material goals to reflect personal contentment, purpose and peace.

You have a process for building inner authentic strength as you nurture your heart based evolution.

Over the weekend we talk about how to handle the changes living from your heart involves. We share the insights and wisdom of the group gathered.

Heart Resonance

  1. Renews
  2. Revitalises
  3. Releases you

to live life the way you know you can.