Building a Love Tower

On September 1 at the Bring Love Gathering for the lands of the Anglesea Coal Mine, we’re building a Love Tower.

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The energy created through this process is extraordinary. Love is written into the wounded landscape and the healing begins.

Stimulating and searching for just the right words and feelings to contribute, is honoring Mother Earth. So if you’re coming along, (or even if you’re not :-( ) over the next few days spend a few moments listening to your heart.  Allow these questions to activate your unique expression of the love and respect for this land.

Responding to some of these questions will require you to step deeply into your heart and out of your “position” on the presence of the coal mine. Healing requires us to see light in the shadow.

What expressions of gratitude do you have for the presence of the coal mine?

For example:

I feel Gratitude for the contribution it made to electrical power.

I feel gratitude for the employment it gave to people, and the provision of livelihood.

I feel gratitude for the contributions Alcoa made to community projects.

What apologies do you offer Mother Earth? How can you express your sorrow over the mining of this land?

For example:

I apologize Mother Earth for the desecration of our landscape, the pollution of our air and the harm we have caused our flora and fauna.

How can you express your love and respect for this land, and make a contribution to influence the future of this place?

For example:

Mother Earth I will advocate on your behalf, in the best way I can.

Mother Earth, I dedicate myself to regular mediation and or prayer in returning you to a place of harmony and wellness.

Do not underestimate the power of prayer, just look at the amazing work done by Dr. Emmoto following the Japanese earthquakes and Fukushima water.

Mother Earth, I will sing to you each morning.

Mother Earth, I will participate on the committees being formed.

Be as creative as you can, as all contributions positively impact on the outcome.

Mother Earth I will sit in love and awe with you every day.

Mother Earth,  I will . …..

And just a reminder,  energy is attracted to what you pay most attention to. So ensure your gratitude and dedication list is bigger than your apology list!

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You are very welcome.

Healing Anglesea Coal Mine

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