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Pivotal Key to Freedom

Freedom is remembering your connection to Universal supply. 

Remembering this, frees you up to synchronicity and flow.

Relax and sink in to this magical guided experience. 


Light up Universal Love  by connection with a Crystal Deva and  Universal Water.

Feel fresh, connected and ready for . . .

The full version of You.


Experience this guided connective experience, as a gift.

Sacred 6thSense
Lift your mood, connect to your center with this unique healing

  • Grow your intuitive confidence
  • Experience ease and synchronicity
  • Feel and connect to the power of Sacred 6thSense
  • Not sure what the Sacred 6thSense is?
  •  It’s all covered in the mini e-book.

BONUS: Includes a  Healing plan



Looking for Confidence and strength as a woman?

  • Greater Intuitive Trust
  • Clearer mind
  • and a Heart full of passion and vision

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