Elemental Resonance
Home Balancing with The Elements LEARN TO

  1. Clear old energy and create fresh new energy in your home.
  2. Work with your home’s natural energy centres.
  3. Locate your home’s heart centre and apply clearing techniques to maintain healthy energy.
  4. Use Elemental Resonance to re-balance your home on ongoing basis.
  5. Meet the guardians of your land and honour Mother Earth.
Like to know more? The Elemental Resonance System works with Mother Nature’s four elements, and Spirit, to clear your home of discordant energy and re-balance to peace and harmony. Fire, earth, water, and air of the elemental realm and Spirit come together in specific combinations to re-balance your home. Tree wisdom is opened and heard. The workshop is learning these combinations. Understanding the energetic heart of land and home brings a fresh resonance of peace and calm to your living environment. Our home environment energy impacts us more than we realise, and changes in communication patterns, health and sleeping are just a few of the benefits. Reduced anxiety and worry often result as the nervous system is nurtured by balanced home energetics.

The Kit alone is valued at $125.00

The Elemental Resonance Workshop was all I hoped for and more. To learn how to address all manner of issues stemming from your home/land is so empowering and transformative.
I am so thankful for the information that I now have. It has given me an even higher level of respect for the notion of things like ‘Secret Women’s Business’. When someone experienced shares this kind of sacred information with you, you really want to honour it as it is such a privilege to know. If you feel even a small ‘pull’ to do this course, I would take that as a sign and just do it.’

Claire McFee

Elemental Air says: Imbalanced ego and low frequency thoughts, create tension wires that cut through your auras. I come to clear egoic battles within the home and to be like a fresh breeze through the environment. I use aromas and breeze to heal and return home back to a place of love.
Elemental Water says: I come to clear blocked emotions that hide in the corners of the home, just waiting to be triggered by events and situations that repeat. I come to cleanse . . .  and then to flow to promote respect for emotions as a reflection of feelings. Stagnant energy and patterns are released with my energy for I re-instate natural flow. I am here to move energy out and carry nurturing energy in. Wind and water move forward love and harmony.
Elemental Earth says: I am Earth. I have come to ground your energy, but not in the way you always think. Many times when I enter place, I see energy flying around haphazardly and high. This is troublesome for the little ones, who are left in the resultant void below in which to explore their world. I come to stabilize and hold to ensure stability and comfort.
Elemental Fire says: I am fire. I am to bring warmth and comfort too. Fire is to feel the belonging that can be earthed. I purify and transform, open up space for newness and re-spinning webs of energy that formulate home space. I am joy and laughter. I am fast.
Across this fun filled weekend. You’ll deepen your spiritual connection to Nature. Meeting the guardians of your land and home is a powerful experience. It helps to join some dots around things that happen within the home. AND You’ll love working with the Elemental Energies. They are so benevolent and wise and eager to work with our consciousness to return to harmony and balance. You’ll pick up wisdom that goes way beyond balancing your home.    
Spirit says: I am present for connection of home and land, for respect for past and allowance of future, from the present. I am the connecter to guardians, gatekeepers and elders, faeries, elements and spiritual influences of your home. I am deliverer of messages for balance, harmony, and healing. I talk with you of knowledge from Gaia and her land. I speak through trees. Blessed be.
Tree Says: I am tree wisdom. I connect, clear and nurture all on earth. I am magical in my presence and by my presence. I link, access and inform. I help you hold clear light energy in your space. I share my wisdom when asked. I honour all presence, I help air be heard, I hold earth at my base, I run water through my veins, I talk with fire and use his stream for energy. I am wise knowing connection of all elemental energy with Gaia. I am that I am.

It will make such a difference

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Partaking in this weekend is a choice of love for you, your family and Gaia.

Knowing where the heart centre of your home and land are, and keeping these areas energetically clear and vibrant, has a ripple out effect, creating healthy boundaries and great energy within. We look at the spiritual configurations of your home and what energies may be attracted to it. You learn to create balance and respect for all. On completion of the weekend, you have new knowledge, a clean home and a set of tools to cleanse and maintain your home on an ongoing basis.

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The weekend includes a comprehensive Home Balancing Kit: All healing symbols of elements needed to re-balance. The master crystal and specific working crystal for your home. Specifically created Vibrational Essences and carefully chosen, first class essential oils for ongoing use. A comprehensive guidebook, that shows you where and where to place the balancing tools to create greatest healing impact. AND Across the weekend, you have the opportunity to purchase additional oils at special workshop prices.

It will make such a difference

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