I was restless. Dazzler, my dog was restless. It was 3.00am for crike’s sake!

I finally surrendered into restlessness at 6.00am and got up!

Mother Nature was at her peak of beauty. Her message to me was reflected in the wispy clouds (elemental air) hiding the sun (elemental fire).


I sat on the beach with that message, hidden passion. I took the moment and journeyed inside to find my fire, my internal passion.

It’s always there, but it looked more like a pilot light than a flame!

I sat in contemplation but nothing in particular came to me as being the dampener of my passion. Mmmm???

When I arrived home, I was drawn to listen to Day 4 of the Sacred Sequence for Success program. Day four is alignment of Wills. My will with Divine Will.

Years of misinterpretation of this Universal Truth had cost me a lot.

The Egoic woman,

  • consumed by thought driven reality,
  • who does not like to be told what to do ,
  • has had me pushing up against life, rather than flowing with the path of co-creation.

The resulting exhaustion and despondency is enough to put any-ones flame out.

The mental body (elemental air) shadowing the wisdom, dreams and confidence of the heart.  Hard work with little results, is all that is about.

The Sacred Verse for Day 4 reminded me, “. . . My will is sourced from Divine Will, one and the same. I calibrate with the part of the Divine that I know to be me and . . . well . . . say less and Be more. . . . It all makes sense, once you calibrate with Divine Will and follow your heart. Feeding my mind with Love wisdom and knowingness, aligns will centres with the Divine.”

I was thankful for the wisdom and awareness held within the days Sacred Verse.

My restlessness disappeared. I was ready to live the day in alignment with Divine Will, in the flow. I decided to feed my thoughts with Love messages rather than an endless stream of questions or demands for action – now, 1.00am, 2.30am. . .

A sense of joy and calm replaced the restless uneasiness that disrupted my being and muddled my mind. I was free again to be on path and on purpose and have the day fueled by my passions, and not my fears.

Sacred Sequence for Success info is here.


Heart Chakra activation

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