Create the Impossible


Isn’t that amazing. The plant looks like it has no life force and yet it has tomatoes on it.

Ripe tomatoes. 

It’s way out of season, wilted and past it’s use by date. (I took this photo 22 June, in Victoria Australia)  And yet look at what it’s mastered. I find it inspirational.

It’s part of the energy that we rarely tap into and yet is omnipresent.


The magic of nature.

By not interfering, it’s found rhythm and flow coherent with its environment and ‘the impossible’ happens.

Being inspired by the magic of nature fills my day with incredible possibilities.

I’m blessed enough to walk the shores of a surf beach each morning. Every morning it reminds me that we create our own landscape for the day. The tides have come and gone. The sand has moved and the landscape new and fresh.

Some times crocodile rock is visible. Sometimes it is beneath the sand, resting. On full and new moon tides, eagle rock pool appears, always majestic and powerful with its breast proudly receiving the incoming waves.

Where the sand is firm, I leave only a slight imprint. Some times it is wet and loose and my feet go deep. l sink in to the wet and my pace is naturally slowed.

Shells, rocks and feathers inhabit the shores in masses or sometimes secretly.
Personally I love the mystery. A balance between known and unknown creates a life force that keeps you vitalised, aware and awake to life.

As we continually look for sameness and become dependent on a man made sense of reliability, we loose our confidence in flexibility, adaptability and the joy of being a living mystery.

You too are nature in form, with equal magic to create “the impossible.”

So peak into nature every day and let the magic and power be the fuel that energises your day.


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