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I don’t know why people find it hard to understand that energy matters. Your house can be all wired up for electricity but without the actual electricity, the power, the energy, nothing much happens.

We are essentially a big pile of energy. For nutrients and toxins to transfer in and out of cells, an electrical impulse is required.

Schumann resonance 7.83Hz is the earth’s resonance. Without it our well-being is compromised. So much so, it is reported that a Schumann resonance generator is included in space craft.*

Faulty Connections

When our energy is not running through our wiring properly we aren’t stable. We throw a circuit breaker, or flicker on and off. We break up or pixelate across the screen of life, out of focus and not clear. Nobody can work out what is going on. When we have faulty connections we falter.

I confess, I am an energy junky. Quite frankly, it’s the only way I make sense of life. Luckily enough for me, it is also the way I have helped hundreds of people, across thousands of sessions make sense of their life, and return to balance and well being.

Working with energy flows, frequencies and patterns is the way I have found to support myself and others in being our “best frequency”. Learning how to tune into the incredible frequency of Universal Love, the source of all creation, is such an incredible gift available to all of us. Gratitude and Love.

Judgement as Distortion

Beyond judgement

Seeing life as frequency enables navigation without judgement. Judgement lays at the base of so much distortion. Distortion we do to ourselves. Distortion we project out to the world and onto others.

Seeing the world as energy enables me to make empowered choices about where I want to be, what energy I choose to carry around this beautiful world, and how I can consciously resonate as much Love as I can. It gives me my platform for expression, contribution and sharing. It is my way to make sense of the bizarre and the horrific. It is my way to find Love in every moment.

Connection to Universal Love

Ensuring my connection to Universal Love, daily, moment to moment is my rock, my foundation, my joy and my truth. Yes, I have faulty switches like all of us. It is important I feel, not to give our power away to a faulty switch. It is much more inspiring to find the way to return the switch to proper functioning and letting the full expression of Universal Love flow.

If you would like to have a strong connection to Universal Love, the Sacred Sequence of Success, Connection to Universal Love is now available. It comes from people asking me how to stay connected and balanced. There’s more information here, and a fabulous energy shifter Sacred Verse here. It’s free and gives you a taster of the full Sacred Sequence of Success.

May it carry you to your stable platform of success with Universal Love.

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*Lots of interesting info to be found on Schumann resonance, I love this one as it includes sound, which after all is frequency!

And this one that talks about radio waves in this cavity that is created between the earth and the ionosphere, as the tuning fork for life.


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