Step 1.   Accept

Step 2.   Show Up

Step 3.   Pick up the Bat

Step 4.   Play!



Accept what is.

In accepting what is in this moment, transformation is immediately commenced.

Acceptance is not saying this is the way it has to be, but it is saying this is the way it is in this moment.

Fighting is not acceptance.

Fighting is a pushing away, an overpowering, rather than empowering. The Self is never empowered by overpowering things. Fighting is a need to be right, not an acceptance of all that is.

Acceptance opens the door to transformation.

Acceptance is acknowledgment. Resistance falls away to reveal solutions. Solutions arise from understanding and compassion not possible in resistance.

To surrender into what is, sets in motion the wheels of change. It releases you from resistance.  It has nothing to do with giving up or giving in.

Accept what is in the now, and  . . .

Show Up


Be there. Be present in, and to the moment.

In the present moment you have access to all your resources. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Using all your resources creates balance, clarity and resolution.

When you “show up”, you’re alert, alive and all your senses can engage in locating the highest outcome. Sit in the seat of your power and . . .

Pick up the Bat!


Prepare yourself. Get comfortable, put yourself in the right position. Survey the complete scene. See who’s where and what’s what. Look at what comes towards you. Choose which ball to hit, and what to let pass through to the keeper.

And . . . Play

When connection is made between you and what is appearing in your reality, the solution makes a sweet sound and your perfectly timed actions go sailing through your world to places you never imagined you could reach.

And . . .

everything within you changes.


Please Accept these tools for Acceptance.

To expand your ability to accept, hold you left hand to your heart centre and use the following affirmations.

I am ready to accept

I am willing to accept

I am able to accept

THEN . . .

In my acceptance, the momentum of light opens pathways to possibilities. This I receive in gratitude.

Essence of Possibilities grid for Acceptance.

Essence of Possibilities Grid

The Essence of Possibilities create remarkable healing space as well as being taken internally as a vibrational essence. Placing different essences in certain positions creates an energy grid to meditate or spend some quiet time in, allowing you to come into resonance with higher awareness.

To increase your ability to accept and therefore shift, place the essences in the following grid.

In the east place Openness

In the south, Engage

In the west Exchange

In the north, Clarity

Hold TerraLight Essence at your heart as you sit within this expansive healing space of Acceptance.

This energy grid switches on the light as Openness allows both releasing and receiving.

Engaging with your higher self always helps.

The energy of Exchange is out with the old and in with the new. Be mindful of your language around this situation.

North direction holds the wisdoms of your ancestors and elders and the coding for your current earth walk. Clarity from this direction always shifts things.

Essence of Possibilities can be found here.

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