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The Power of Soul Centred Transformation

Grace’s Story

Grace spent many years in her 30’s pretty lost and confused. Her life looked absolutely nothing like “it was supposed to”.

If she hadn’t found the validity, power and truth of knowing and understanding  Soul journey and Soul dreams, Grace doubts if she would still be alive in this life.

This ignited her passion – to learn through Soul awareness and consciousness rather than pain and disconnection. To trust the inner voice and the wild vision of life created by the Soul, as you consciously live life with true connection to Universal Love.

People who work with Grace

People generally reach out to Grace when nothing else is making sense. She often hears statements like “I know I’m missing something I just can’t get to what. It’s driving me crazy!”

Grace knows this place like the back of her hand, but more importantly how to navigate it, and to transform it into celebration and strength as mainstays of  Life. The discovery of  Soul wisdom and love is the thing that really turns peoples lives around.

Grace’s Personal Callings

Since she was about 18 Grace felt pulled to live near sea and bush. Finally! in 2005 she answered that call, and found her self moving to Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road in regional Victoria. Knowing no one and with no network, she developed a magical healing centre with people traveling hundreds of miles sometimes for her sessions. She’s had the incredible gift of working with four generations of the one family!

Grace has  facilitated thousands of sessions to transform,

  • “I don’t knows” into “Let’s go now”,
  • Dis-ease into wellness,
  • “I’m stuck here” to “I’m free to grow and succeed”
  • Depression into connection and passion,
  • “How do I get rid of this ?” into strengths for life.

Her expertise at activating the power of Soul Centred Transformation finds her as a masterful teacher of self-empowerment.

Grace’s Spiritual Callings

Grace is called by Infinite Possibilities. Her relationship with Spirit, Mother Earth and the Cosmos, her trust in the power of Universal Love combine in empowering experiences.  She knows she is here to share the power of the Soul signature, to assist in the unfolding of that uniqueness. To embrace self-responsibility and look honestly at all shades of our own being. For in this the light shines through and real progress is made in personal and collective consciousness.

Her sessions and teachings are touched with laughter, filled with truth and directly aligned to the brilliance of the uniqueness of the people and places she is invited to work with.

Grace’s Qualifications

She has an Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology  from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP) in East Hawthorn, Australia, Level II Reiki, Qualifications in massage and Tuina, Traditional Chinese Medicine massage. Has undertaken training in Quantum Healing, polarity therapy, Geomancy and  Feng shui, and recently undertook Nia 5 stages of self healing.

She is the creator and facilitator of many workshops and programmes and Creator of a powerful range of Vibrational Essences.

Creator and Facilitator of

  •     Fields of Light Healing System
  •     Power, Vision Purpose, your possibilities as New World Goddess, Workshop
  •     Build Your business with Love on-line programme
  •     Journey to wholeness On line programme
  •     Awaken, Listen, Enliven live workshop
  •     Bring Love Ceremonies
  •     Clarity Coaching
  •     Avenues of Light healing day.
  •     Contributor to Abundance Intents programme

Vibrational essences

  • The Essence of Possibilities,
  • Terra Light and Spiralight, and
  • Goddess Gateway Essence.

The calling now for Grace finds her creating powerful programmes for self empowerment. Her Soul calls her to touch more and more souls who are ready and reaching out for Soul Centred Transformation through the power of Infinite Love.

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