Sometimes we just squirm around feeling uncomfortable, unsure and frustrated with ourselves.

Feeling Lost

Sometimes we know what’s in our hearts, we just don’t know how to get to it or make it real.

Sometimes we feel so far away from what makes us feel happy, we feel like there’s no way home.

Who’s Calling?

That’s what I call Your Successful You calling to you! That’s the You that knows, right down there, on a level there is no word for, that something else, some other part of you wants to be alive. Wants to be heard, wants to come and play with love, joy and enthusiasm. Wants to feel free.

That’s Your Successful YOU.


What to Be?

As Spirit in human form, that’s what we’ve chosen. To Be what we know in Spiritual form we desire to experience in physical form. And so Earthly Life unravels our re-discovery of our own beautiful Truth.

In that discovery there are 7 points of consciousness, that keep us on track. A complete list of those points is available here. I just want to share a little about how they work together.

About the 7 Must Be’s of Your Successful You

The only person who really knows ‘You’ as your must successful version of You, is YOU. That’s because at its fullest expression, it’s a feeling. A feeling of such great bliss, joy and contentment, nobody else could go close to imagining how that feels. It makes sense to you, because of how it feels for you. Oh baby, it shows on the outside too, don’t worry about that. True beauty and charm is an internal gift.

Sometimes our route can appear a bit tricky.  We don’t always know where our ‘Successful You’ choices are taking us, but we do know how they feel, and how strong the Soul urge is.

Connection with our heart and higher self is a key to these empowering choices. I call it ‘Landing our Light’, trusting your intuitive voice and activating it through action.

If you’re having to work really hard at being grateful for what’s in your life, you’re not listening to your true inner guidance.

Where we are is exactly where we need to be, in order to get to where we’re going. Understanding this expands opportunities.

Living in a goal driven society leaves little time for celebration. A box is ticked and you immediately move to the next thing on the list. Soul-less achievement I call it.

Celebration through pleasure, reflection and ritual, form an incredibly valuable platform for the next venture. It’s a little like gathering seed for ongoing blossoms. Celebration is a vital nutrient for Your Successful YOU.

Celebration is the seed of our next step.Celebration is the seed of our next step.

The list of the 7 Must Be’s for Your Successful You are here.

It’s a gift for your Soul.

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