100,000 Angels are calling You.

They share a monthly message.

Grace of 100,000 Angels.  

When the 100,000 Angels gather it’s quite an experience.

The coming together of such light instantly touches your heart.

From the gathering, a number of Angels come forward to communicate with you, via Grace.

It is their wisdom and soul centered vision that is shared. This gathering works with Grace to connect with those who are truly ready to step into their full empowerment . . .  through the gateways of  Love and Wisdom and Truth.


With expanded awareness, you are able to rise to challenges, melt obstructions and line up with synchronicities.

With divine guidance and wisdom, things really start to fall into place. You make sense of things that never made sense before.

From this, you gather courage to accept the opportunity and take divinely inspired action from a place of knowingness, deeper even than belief.

“Courage, comes from the Latin word cor, meaning heart.

Heart is known to mean the innermost part of anything, or the center of the total personality, especially with reference to intuition, feeling, or emotion.

-age is the accumulation of. Therefore . . .

Courage is the accumulation of heart.

A personal session with 100,000 Angels is Life Changing

The 100,000 angels take you to new places, revealing exciting possibilities for you.

They help you to step up and step into your greatest potential.

They reveal to you, parts of you that are ready to be consciously lived.

They are loving, direct and kind. They will encourage you enormously and they will explain where you are tripping yourself up. They will bring light to your shadow. They will talk about your shadow, from the light.

They speak from Love and Truth.

Then, it’s up to you, choosers of Free Will.

NOW is a really good time.

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Yes Please

How does it happen?


Book your Session

Sessions are available by phone or  skype.

They run for 75 minutes

The call can be recorded.

On booking your session here, I send an email, and we make a time for you to meet the 100,000 Angels. It’s such an amazing energy to work within. The healing really starts the moment you book. If you are drawn to this, the timing will work out. Follow your intuitive urge.



My recommendation

My recommendation is for two sessions. We cover such a lot in the first, it’s really helpful to follow up 3 or 4 weeks later. Questions arise following the changes explored in the first and it’s really beneficial to revisit the 100,000 Angels to clarify and fine tune.

Of course, you may choose just to have one meeting at this time.

You can book your session now here.

100,000 Angels are Calling

Can you hear them calling You?

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– Call 1-

We cover:

  1. Where you are at.
  2. What you are reaching out to.
  3. Connect with 100,000 Angels.
  4. Receive the healing as the energy is expanded.
  5. Hear the messages.
  6. Integrate the awareness, to ensure you are resonant with the guidance.
  7. Give gratitude and appreciation.
  8. Celebrate.

– Call 2 –

We cover:

  1. Where you are now.
  2. Review the changes.
  3. Re-connect with 100,000 Angels.
  4. Consult them with questions, for clarity, further direction and understanding.
  5. Expand your awareness and insights.
  6. Deepen your grounding of the changes.
  7. Calibrate you excitement!

You’re all set for who and where you want to be.

(Please note this call is a minimum of 3 weeks later)

It is important, that you are aware, we sit with 100,000 Angels in co-creation. They have not gathered to tell you what will or won’t happen. They come as the most amazing helpers we could ever imagine. They honour free will and trust our potential. They are messengers from Creator and great friends of your Soul. They present as deliverers of sacred truths and masters of energetic alignment that lift you to levels of joy, contentment and energy you know in your heart are possible. They expand your greatest strengths and your most amazing opportunities. They also talk about where you are not being honest with yourself, and where your fears or outmoded perceptions are limiting you. They have a wonderful sense of humour and vibrate at Universal Love in action.

Your Investment?

Book one session A$197.00


Book both sessions now A$333.00

That’s a saving of $61.00


Can You Hear Them Calling You?


Please Book Now

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